The Secret to Transforming Yourself into a Cool Person Others Love

Do you know anyone who meets people easily and others tend to open up to them quickly and it’s clear they really like that person?

Don’t you wish you were more like that?

But what is it about them that allows them to get these positive results with people?

Have you ever stopped to question what makes them so good at dealing and connecting with people?

Just what exactly is it that makes them a “cool” person – and how can you use that knowledge to improve your own personality?

You will likely find in answering these questions that what makes a person cool is not so much what they do as opposed to what they don’t do.

Think about someone who isn’t very cool for a moment…

Isn’t a great part of what makes them uncool and maybe even repulsive found in the fact that they behave in ways that are off-putting?

If they stopped acting in these certain ways, wouldn’t they instantly become a much more attractive personality?

That’s the real secret to becoming a cool person; it’s eliminating all the negative behaviors from our interactions with others. It’s not what we need to start doing, so much as what we’re already doing that we need to stop doing.

Now, have you ever wondered how people develop pleasing personalities that are highly attractive to others?

Were they just born this way – or did they have to work at it?

Though we are all born with certain traits, some of which are naturally attractive to others, I would argue that most cool people consciously worked on their personalities with the aim of being better able to deal and connect with people.

How did they do it?

What was their strategy?

If you want to be a cool person who connects quickly and easily with the people you meet, there’s just one process you need to understand and apply to your life on a long-term basis.

It’s simply this:

Pay attention to how you react internally to the ways other people treat you and interact with you. When you find yourself responding negatively to the things others do, identify what kind of behavior elicited that reaction. Then check yourself to make sure you don’t also behave in that very same way with others. If you do, work towards eliminating it from your communication.

Human nature is more or less universal. What I mean by that is that we all tend to react the very same way when confronted by the same behaviors from others.

For example, when someone starts bragging to us, almost all of us tend to get turned off and conclude that that person is an egotistical douchebag, right?

But that’s just one off-putting behavior. There are dozens and dozens more. And a great way to discover them is to follow the process I outlined above.

Another way is to continue to read my articles.

Over the years I’ve discovered there are about 35 major bad behaviors people enact that naturally turn others off. A big part of the secret to becoming a cool person is to identify all these behaviors, notice if you enact them, and then train yourself to stop acting them out in your interactions.

So let me talk a little about that process, because it’s not something that generally happens quickly. It does take time and conscious effort.

When you identify a bad behavior, perhaps by observing someone else act it out and noticing the negative reaction in generates in yourself, then you start paying attention to whether or not you enact it as well, you’ll likely find that at first you only catch yourself after you’ve already acted it out, sometimes hours later, when you reminisce about your interaction.

This is the first step; being consciously aware that you’re acting in ways that are uncool or that trigger negative reactions in others.

The second step is to catch yourself acting it out the moment it happens, or shortly thereafter.

And the third step it to catch yourself right before you act it out and stop yourself; it’s to notice the very thought that precedes the action, and cut the beast off at its source.

Then the final step is to completely eliminate it from your communication altogether.

That’s the process of change.

You’ll notice that the time in which you identify yourself acting out a bad behavior moves from after it happens to before you act.

That’s the sum and substance of personal transformation.

And if you want to transform yourself into a person with an attractive personality, I encourage you to get this process firmly in your mind over the coming days and weeks, and even months and years…

First, notice things others do that are repulsive to you.

Second, check yourself to see if you act in the same or similar way.

And third, if you do, work towards eliminating that behavior from your communication by moving the point of noticing from after it happens to before it happens until the very thought that triggers that action is gone for good.

Follow these instructions, and you will slowly but steadily rebuild your personality into one that is pleasing and attractive to others.

Krishna said, “Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you.”

That’s probably the very best advice a person could receive if they want to improve their personality and improve their ability to deal and connect with people.

The problem is that we don’t always know the ways we don’t want others to interact with us and treat us. But this process solves that problem over time. Applying it empowers you to figure it all out.

Apply it consistently and not only will you learn a lot and increase in wisdom, you will transform yourself into a powerhouse of a personality.




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